Galaxy map

The mod features a completely redone galaxy map, crafted with both realism as well as playability in mind. The map sticks as close as possible to the canonical galaxy layout established in the Expanded Universe and features the most important and iconic Star Wars locations together with all planets relevant to the Vong War.

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Planets and NavPoints

In total there are 105 galactic objects to fight for, 92 of them planets and 15 NavPoints.

Generally, planets work similar to the vanilla game, featuring a unique space and ground map for tactical combat. They are your main source of income, population points, and are the place to recruit units.

In Yuuzhan Vong at War, planets are organized in sectors which belong to a certain faction, or count as independent. This simple fact influences many things, from the buildable units, to income, and most importantly the original diplomacy system.

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  1. Adumar
  2. Agamar
  3. Anaxes
  4. Anoat Asteroids
  5. Anobis
  6. Bakura
  7. Barab I
  8. Bastion
  9. Belkadan
  10. Bespin
  11. Bilbringi
  12. Bimmiel
  13. Bonadan
  14. Borleias
  15. Borosk
  16. Bothawui
  17. Brentaal
  18. Caluula
  19. Chandrila
  20. Chandrila
  21. Commenor
  22. Contruum
  23. Corellia
  24. Corulag
  25. Coruscant
  26. Csilla
  27. Dac
  28. Dantooine
  29. Dathomir
  30. Denon
  31. Druckenwell
  32. Dubrillion Destrillion
  33. Duro
  34. Ebaq9
  35. Eclipse
  36. Eriadu
  37. Esfandia
  38. Fondor
  39. Froz
  40. Galantos
  41. Galantros
  42. Garqi
  43. Generis
  44. Glythe Sector
  45. Gravlex Med
  46. Gyndine
  47. Hapes
  48. Helska
  49. Ithor
  50. Kalarba
  51. Kashyyyk
  52. Kessel
  53. Kuat
  54. Kubindi
  55. Lwhekk
  56. Mandalore
  57. Muunilinst
  58. Myrkr
  59. Nal Hutta
  60. New Plympto
  61. Nkllon
  62. N'Zoth
  63. Obroa Skai
  64. Ord Mantell
  65. Ord Mantell
  66. Ossus
  67. Rago
  68. Ralltiir
  69. Ralltiir
  70. Reecee
  71. Roche Asteroids
  72. Rodia
  73. Runaway Prince
  74. Ryloth
  75. Sernpidal
  76. Shelter
  77. Sluis Van
  78. Smugglers Run
  79. Sullust
  80. Talfaglio
  81. Tatooine
  82. Thyferra
  83. Tion Cluster
  84. Toong'l
  85. Tynna
  86. Utegetu Nebula
  87. Vortex
  88. Wayland
  89. Yaga Minor
  90. Yag'Dhul
  91. Yavin
  92. Ylesia

In addition to the normal planets, Yuuzhan Vong at War introduces NavPoints, which act as chokepoints on many traderoutes and hyperlanes. A NavPoint is usually not affiliated to a sector, faction or even a specific planet, but an otherwise empty part of deep space only marked by a Nav Buoy. A NavPoint is mostly used as a save drop-out for re-plotting and course corrections during long-range hyper-jumps and hard-to-navigate space.

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  1. Braxant Sector I
  2. Braxant Sector II
  3. CR I
  4. CR II
  5. CR III
  6. CTS I
  7. CTS II
  8. CTS III
  9. CTS IV
  10. HW
  11. PTR I
  12. PTR II
  13. PTR III
  14. RTR
  15. Unknown Regions


As in the vanilla game, planets are interconnected by traderoutes. But similarities end there: Yuuzhan Vong at War introduces a hyperlane system representing the way hyperspace travel in the Expanded Universe works. There are safe, well plotted, and commonly used fast hyperlanes, there are safe but slower routes, and there are slow and dangerous, but well hidden courses. All of them can be used to your advantage, if you plan on blocking an enemy fleet, or try to flank his armada.