Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will the mod be released?

    The mod is coming 2018!
    If you want to help us speeding things up a little, you’re always welcome to join the team and give us a helping hand. (See question 3)

  2. When can we sign up for a (Closed) Beta?

    Not at all. We have a large team and an even bigger number of associates and thus are not in need of any additional testers.

  3. I want to help. Where can I sign up?

    Contact one of the team members (preferably Burntstrobe) via pm. Tell us what you can do or want to help with and we'll figure out the details.

  4. What performance can we expect?

    The mod aims to provide high-end visuals on a somewhat dated engine we push to its limits, thus a mid- to high-end rig is required to enjoy full details and good performance.
    That being said if you turn down details even low-end systems should be able to run it, but it might lag (quite badly) during certain game phases.
    If you have a rig that can run current games at medium to high details, you should be on the safe side.

  5. What playable factions are going to be included?

    There will be two playable factions in the first release: The Galactic Alliance and the Yuuzhan Vong Empire.

  6. But what about the Empire? I love the Empire...

    During the time the mod is set the Galactic Empire/Imperial Remnant was only a shadow of its former self. It will be featured in the mod only as a minor, not-playable faction.

  7. But Imperial Star Destroyers?

    The mod features a diplomacy system which allows you to side with minor factions and use some of their ships and – depending on your diplomatic standing – even use their technology and build their units.

  8. What planets are going to be in the mod?

    See the detail tab here for a full list.

  9. Will this mod feature a campaign?

    Yes and no. It will not have a dedicated campaign for one faction as seen in the vanilla game, but the Galactic Conquest mode will feature the story of the Vong War, represented as missions and events which unfold as you play. Those stories and missions will resemble the official timeline events of the Vong War, and -- apart from key events -- feature unique elements for each faction.

  10. Do I have to play the story?

    No. But it will make your life easier, as certain technologies, units or allies can only be unlocked via story events.

  11. Will the story follow the books to the letter, or will you include what-if-scenarios?

    In short: Both. We have to create our own story events for Hutts and Yuuzhan Vong anyways.
    In more detail: There are certain events that will and for the sake of the story ark have to happen, but there will be alternate outcomes based on player decision as well. Prepare to face consequences for your actions, both immediate as well as in long term.

  12. And what about Skirmish? Will there be Skirmish support?

    Skirmish will be playable. How far skirmish mode will be supported depends on several factors, most importantly us being focused on the galactic conquest, time, and technical issues regarding new mechanics and the game's skirmish mode.

  13. I can't register on your forums, because of those annoying questions!! What's up with that?

    Those questions are there to prevent spam bots, and they are doing their job pretty great. But We're aware that some users might not know all of them, so here's a handy list with the answers (the answers are not case-sensitive by the way):

    • When (year) has YVaW been revealed to the public?

    • The original founders of YVaW are brothers. Who is the older one?

    • The original founders of YVaW are brothers. Who is the younger one?

    • Who is the current leader of YVaW?

    • What does YVaW mean?
      Yuuzhan Vong at War

    • What does FOaW mean?
      First Order at War

    • When (year) has Empire at War been released?

    • What company is EaW's original developer?

    • What does EaW mean?
      Empire at War

    • What does FoC mean?
      Forces of Corruption