FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When will the mod be released?

The mod is coming in H1 of 2019!
If you want to help us speeding things up a little, you’re always welcome to join the team and give us a helping hand. (See question 3)

When can we sign up for a (Closed) Beta?

Not at all. We have a large team and an even bigger number of associates and thus are not in need of any additional testers.

I want to help. Where can I sign up?

Contact one of the team members via pm on ModDB or shoot us a mail. Tell us what you can do or want to help with and we'll figure out the details.

What performance can we expect?

The mod aims to provide high-end visuals on a somewhat dated engine we push to its limits, thus a mid- to high-end rig is required to enjoy full details and good performance.
That being said if you turn down details even low-end systems should be able to run it, but it might lag (quite badly) during certain game phases.
If you have a rig that can run current games at medium to high details, you should be on the safe side.

What playable factions are going to be included?

The initial release "Yuuzhan Vong at War - The Skirmish Battles" will include four playable factions for skirmish only: The Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance, the Yuuzhan Vong Empire and the Imperial Remnant.
This release will be followed up by several content updates, the first focusing on the Fifth Fleet of the New Republic.

And what about Skirmish? Will there be Skirmish support?

The initial release "Yuuzhan Vong at War - The Skirmish Battles" will only support skirmish battles, with galactic conquest scenarios to be released in the future.