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December 02, 2018 ()
Burntstrobe (@Burntstrobe)

In 2016 we won #1 Most Anticipated Mod Award.
In 2017 we removed ourselves from voting to sponsor our friends' projects.
It is 2018 and we have returned to ModDB's Mod of the Year Contest to announce our FIRST RELEASE!!

A long undertaking of some extremely talented modders, Yuuzhan Vong At War is excited to announce we are back for voting in the MOTY Awards and will be soon unveiling our first release!

We have been hard at work optimizing the game to the fullest, and our first release will be delivering our official public showing of all we have accomplished with a preview of what the full mod will encompass. The first release will be our initial build for Space Skirmish only, but has much to showcase.

The All-new In-game Subfaction Selection

  • Choose a side: Will you align yourself with the New Republic or the Yuuzhan Vong Empire?
  • Pick your faction: Once you've aligned yourself with a major faction you may choose between up to six different factions and unit rosters to play as.

Stunning Visuals

  • New models for all in-game objects.
  • New Skydomes and Nebulae.
  • New Planets.
  • Highly detailed ships with target tracking turrets and lore-based armaments.
  • All-new particle effects.

Solid Performance and Full Multiplayer Support

With a closed beta-testing phase of over half a year we've optimised every inch of the game:

  • Stable performance with a careful balance between high fidelity visuals and high performance.
  • Stable multiplayer with next to no desync-issues.
  • Carefully balanced units and rosters.

Please show your support, this has been a long journey since 2014 and finally the finale is in sight!